Chilling Out

Tonight has been spent outside, watching an FA Cup replay. It is cold. I bought thermals for the occasion, and cannot begin to comprehend how awful this weather must be for those who aren’t outside by choice.

Thankfully, my purchases did their job and it was bearable. The experience was helped by a win for the Swans, and my score prediction of 2-0 was correct. If only I were a gambler… I must be a lucky charm, as when I attend a match, they win (it’s only been twice, but that’s beside the point).

Despite the freezing weather, it’s been a great evening to round off a productive day. The big project for work is coming together well and the people involved are pleased. There’s more hard work ahead but it is all a great experience for everyone involved.

Mindfulness was postponed this evening, giving me the time to buy my thermals before the match. It’s been a couple of days since I practised, so it’s my aim to do so tomorrow.

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