When Mondays Really Monday

My head feels frazzled. It’s the first day back in work and it’s been hectic, with a change to the schedule for everyone to contend with, plus a long meeting at the end of the day. I have a tension headache and feel like I could go to bed already, but it’s only 7pm. That’s rubbish.

It would be unfair to say the day has been awful, though. I’ve heard about an event coming up that sounds exciting, and tomorrow there is a trial of a project I’m involved with. It was also good to see everyone again after a week off. I had hoped that my few seconds of fame on the news would have been forgotten by now, but I still had some quips of “Can I have your autograph?” Overall, everyone was very supportive and positive about it. So, there was a lot of good stuff today.

In terms of self-care, my cooking yesterday provided me with an already prepared, comforting dinner when I got in. Work Mondays are always long days, so I aim to do this cooking in advance as often as I can. I want to make more healthy food choices this week, as being back in work often leaves me reaching for convenience food. Tomorrow will be another tricky day, as I have mindfulness after work, then have to get home, changed, eat and be out again in about an hour and a half. Not easy, but enough of a window to have something nourishing rather than grabbing fast food when I’m out.

I knew that this was going to be a busy week, and it’s certainly started off that way. However, being able to say I had a restful, enjoyable week off does take the edge off the return to work. It didn’t help that I had the traditional “can’t sleep before the first day back” insomnia which made it hard to drift off last night. I don’t think nodding off will be an issue today!

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