Making Hay

Check out that awesome view. That view says “home” to me. I went to university an hour away from here, and used to travel home every weekend to work so that I could afford to actually be at uni. When the coach started to peel off the M4, I’d see the headland, with its mammary-esque pair of islands, the lighthouse, pier and lifeboat station, and know I was home.

The bay is a big deal around here. It gets compared with Naples, and on a sunny day it’s entertaining to walk the prom and count how many times you overhear the comment “You don’t need to go abroad” or words to that effect. It’s right next to the city centre and is the setting for my walk in the sunshine today.

This wasn’t my first choice of walking location. I really fancied a stroll in woods nearer to where I live, but I don’t have a walking companion today and I think I’d have felt uneasy on my own, which would have spoiled the sensation of being immersed in nature. Being single can be a pain, as you’re often reliant on the plans of couples and whether you can fit in with them. It’s easy to get paranoid about personal safety and end up going nowhere, but I like to think I’m sensible rather than over the top. So, I binned off the woods in favour of the bay, which is open and busy, and able to be enjoyed on my own.

And I did enjoy it. The sun was glinting off the sea; people were smiling as they walked their dogs or as their kids whizzed about on scooters or bikes. The air felt good: it was chilly but not unpleasantly cold. I feel like I have “done” something on my last day off, instead of moping about, dreading tomorrow.

I’ve even been productive with life stuff: a supermarket shop, some cooking, housework. I’ve got a busy week ahead of me so it’s sensible to be as prepared as I can. The good weather is set to last, so I’m hopeful that I can spend some more time outdoors and make some more hay while the sun shines.

The view on the way back wasn’t quite as picturesque, but still interesting.

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