Pleasant Pheasant

Sometimes nature gives you a little reminder of how amazing the world is. I visited a friend who lives really nearby, but whom I haven’t seen since before Christmas, which is rubbish. Whilst there, a pheasant calmly strutted around her patio, pausing to peck at the seed that had fallen from the bird table. It’s just a bird, but this felt like a really special moment.

I’m lucky enough to live next to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Do I take full advantage of that? Not really. There is breathtaking scenery and wildlife on my doorstep and I should take more time to appreciate it. The trouble is that the everyday gets in the way of what I would rather being doing, the stuff that makes me feel good. The everyday stuff has to happen, of course, and can also be satisfying, but it’s too easy to get bogged down in a cycle of commuting, work and household chores. When the sun shines, I need to make hay: get out there and enjoy it.

After yesterday’s comedy gig, I spent the night in Cardiff and clocked up over 10,000 steps before 2pm by wandering around the capital. I enjoyed feeling the cold biting at my ears and the brightness of the sun, but I think I’d have enjoyed it even more if I’d been walking by the sea or in the countryside.

Tomorrow is the last day of my holiday before returning to work, so I’m going to get outside and enjoy a wintry walk in some nature. Time to make some hay.

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