Laughter Therapy

This evening I’ve been to a comedy club to see a popular comedian on tour. I have laughed a lot. It’s not often that I go to see comedy, but I am seeing another comedian next weekend as well, so that’s a lot of chuckles in a short period of time.

Comedy is a tricky thing. I’m not keen on jokes that are at the expense of the weak or marginalised, but I do think it’s important to be able to laugh (kindly) at yourself. In work, I use humour to help build relationships with others, and I hope that most of the time I manage do that in a positive, friendly way. Of course, sometimes a remark can be misjudged, taken differently from what was intended. I make an effort to hold my hands up when that happens (thankfully it seems to be very rare).

My brother loves puns. I’m not sure if that relates to his autism, the enjoyment of double meanings. If I drive him somewhere and there’s a roundabout, he particularly enjoys the quip: “I’m driving you round the bend.” He then laughs like I’m the most hilarious person in the world. Other people aren’t quite so easily pleased. Of course, he makes me laugh hugely as well, like when he heckled my meditation app, saying he didn’t care about “fucking sensations” and he was “trying to eat in bloody peace”. I could see his point.

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