Ignorance and Bliss

I’ve spent a lovely evening catching up with a good friend. It’s been too long since we saw each other, and we nattered away over food and attempted to answer all the questions in the pub quiz. We did not succeed! It was unfortunate that one round combined two of our weaknesses: sport and geography. We had 47 points out of 70, and there were only two of us. Not bad.

It’s been a day for friends. I’m extremely lucky to have some very good, close friends. Being single at the ripe old age of 40, I’m very glad that they include me in their family lives. Many people assume that, when you’re childless, you’ll have no interest in their kids and I’m grateful that my friends aren’t like this. I visited my best friend and her son today, and hopefully I was some help to them both.

I strive to show my friends the same love and support that they show to me. I hope that I’m successful in this at least some of the time.

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