The Power of Three

Some say that hell is other people. On occasions I’d agree with that, but today other people have been positively heavenly.

In previous blog posts, I’ve mentioned how other people help to keep me motivated. Well, today I got together with two others from my university course to work on our assignments for this module. The course is a bit of professional development and useful in that it is focused on current developments in our field. It’s not easy going back to studying and essay writing after so long, though; the last course I did was a graduate diploma about seven years ago. The assignments, therefore, are stretching. Sitting around a table together, even though our assignments don’t have exactly the same focus, allows us to keep each other motivated and thrash out ideas when we are stuck.

We also rewarded ourselves with a lunch break, which did cause this punctuation pedant some concern: the place we visited had a sign saying “Charlies cocktails” with a glaring missed apostrophe. The food was good, though, and the company even better. It’s been a good day.

So far, it feels like I’m getting the balance right on this week off. I’m getting things done, but still managing to relax and unwind. I’ve meditated using the mindfulness app this evening, and I’m feeling calm.

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