I do not recommend sleeping on a sofa if you want to get a restful night’s sleep. Today I’m tired and achy after giving up my bed for my brother. I do have a spare room, but that’s still in the middle of project declutter, so I thought it would be better to sleep on my new sofa in chaise longe format.

It was not better.

It did mean that my brother couldn’t sneak into the living room for late night telly watching, though, so it had some benefits.

It was a good visit, with only a nosebleed and a lost iPod cable spoiling things. The cable seems to have been sucked into another dimension, so I’ve lent him one of my lightning cables. This isn’t great for his ASD brain, though, as it’s not the RIGHT cable. I’m hoping it will turn up after a good search, as I’m mindful that my poor parents will be enduring endless nagging until he gets his back.

Being so tired meant that I kept drifting off when I tried using my mindfulness app. In fact, I ended up having a nap and I now have that post-nap hangover feel, exacerbated by overindulgence at lunch time when the whole family went for a curry buffet lunch.

Tomorrow I’m planning on popping into work even though I’m on holiday, just to do a bit of tidying and sorting there, before another visit to maternity. I took my parents and brother there today to meet her new addition, and my brother’s reaction to him was fantastic. With a little help, they had a cwtch:

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