Seismic Saturday

It’s been a day of ups and downs, and not just due to the small earthquake that struck the area this afternoon.

I needed a lie in after last night’s trip to A and E (my poor colleague has a fracture and can’t go on his holidays tomorrow) and then, when I got up, the boiler wasn’t working. The classic turn-it-off-and-on-again trick didn’t work, and I had to get across town by 11.15am, so I had to abandon the manual and hope that my dad would take kindly upon me and take a look at the boiler.

My self-care today was some lovely pampering at the hairdresser’s. I’d describe myself as low maintenance but I do treat myself to having my hair coloured when I get my hair cut. The salon I go to is a small one with a mixed clientele of elderly ladies, mums and little ones and gents popping in for a quick cut. It is totally unpretentious and I really enjoy the company and chat of the staff.

When I went to visit my bestie and her newborn afterwards, there was a very unnerving moment when earth tremors rocked the building. It lasted for quite a few seconds and caused a mixture of excitement and concern, although one person on the ward didn’t feel a thing! It’s more exciting that Mum and baby are both doing well, so hopefully they’ll be home before too long.

On the subject of family, my dad has indeed come to the rescue and managed to right my boiler. This is just as well, as I’ve got my big brother staying with tonight for some sibling time. He has severe learning difficulties and autistic spectrum disorder, so still lives with our parents. It’s nice to spend some time with him, and to give my parents a break, too. Also, it’s great for my brother to have a change and night away. He can be hard work, but if I take the remote control to bed with me, he should at least sleep! The childhood picture at the top of this post was taken on the way home from a school fete and is one of my favourites. I was entering a fancy dress competition as a waiter, hence my moustache! It’s not always easy being his little sister, but he’s helped to make me who I am. I love him and worry a lot about his future, even if he does still refer to me as the nickname of ‘Pest’!

My brother’s difficulties may be part of the reason why we are a close family. It’s very much a case of us mucking in together and helping each other out. This is something I’m really grateful for; I know not everyone is as lucky.

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