Accident and Emergency

So, this was part of my Friday night that I hadn’t anticipated. I’m sitting in A and E with a colleague after he fell off a kerb and twisted his ankle. There is a large swollen lump on his foot that really does not look good. I feel very sorry for him. He is meant to be flying to Dubai on holiday on Sunday. I hope he still will be! To add insult to injury, the bag of melting ice he was given before we drove here has just leaked all over his crotch.

The catastrophe occurred as everyone was going home from a party at a different colleague’s house. The party itself was great. It was nice to socialise with people outside of work and the food was delicious. The end of the party, though, wasn’t quite what anyone would have wanted, but thankfully the Friday night drunkards do not appear to have arrived at the hospital yet. My poor colleague isn’t even drunk; he was driving. I was lucky enough to commandeer a wheelchair at the entrance to A and E to get him into the building.

Blogging in a waiting room isn’t ideal. I did wish for busy Friday nights, but here’s hoping that next week’s is a little less dramatic!

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