It turns out that yesterday’s writing about no one reading my blog is my most popular post so far! It’s been read and liked by more people than anything else I’ve posted. Go figure. What a crazy seesaw the internet is.

Today I am tired. I am ready for a holiday and tomorrow I have an extra long day ahead of me. At least there’s only Friday to get through after it, though, plus I have plans at the weekend to look forward to. It’s all doable.

I’ve had a productive evening doing more sorting and decluttering. Slowly, I’m chipping away at the ‘stuff’ and creating more order. It’s given me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to create a calmer atmosphere where I can relax. Being off work next week gives me more time to make greater progress with this, including some house maintenance type stuff that I need to organise. Living alone has its benefits in that I can have my home exactly as I want it without having to compromise with someone else’s taste, but the downside is that I have to do everything myself. Being an independent woman is all well and good, but I often think that it would be nice not to have to worry about everything myself. Perhaps today being Valentine’s Day has reminded me of this!

In work we have started a buddy scheme, where those of us who have opted in fill out a questionnaire about ourselves, then get matched up with others. We have two buddies: one we surprise with little treats, and the other surprises us. So far, I’ve enjoyed a two finger KitKat and a bag of Haribo from my buddy, and I’ve left some goodies for mine, too. Thrillingly, I had a Valentine’s buddy gift today: a bottle of elderflower as I had put in my form that it’s my favourite drink. Then, when I got home, a little treat I ordered online for my own buddy had arrived, so I’m looking forward to sneakily popping it into their pigeon hole tomorrow. Life’s better with a little friendliness.

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