Target Audience

It’s been exciting and flattering to have a handful of people both read and like this blog. When I started writing just over a week ago, the aim of my blog was to keep me on track with some self care. If I wrote about the self care I did every day, I would have to keep up the habit. Then, yesterday, something terrible happened (or didn’t happen): no one read what I wrote.

Now, should this matter?

Yesterday, I consciously practised self care. I meditated. I read for pleasure. I blogged. All of these things made me feel good, so should it make any difference whether or not someone reads about it? In terms of self care, the answer is no, of course. I’m still looking after myself. In terms of being a writer, though, it is a little disappointing. Although my target audience was supposedly myself, it’s now expanded to include fellow bloggers, whose own blogs I am reading and enjoying. There’s something about the community aspect of blogging that offers support, encouragement, reassurance.

Having positive feedback so soon into the experience was probably something of a luxury. I’ve only been blogging for a few days. Yesterday’s post has only been up for hours. However, the disappointment of the zeroes on the stats page has made me have a word with myself. Whilst other people obviously have a huge impact on wellbeing, with friends and family being fantastic supports and brilliant company, self care for me does mean appreciating myself without feeling that I always have to have the approval of other people. It’s lovely if and when approval comes, of course, but writing is a pleasure and catharsis all of its own.

This evening, then, I can confirm to my target audience that I’ve meditated. It’s a shame that I missed this week’s mindfulness class due to my course, but I have my app and book to keep me going through my holiday until the next session in a fortnight.

Other people have set me off on the journey and now I can start making my own way, although I may still need some travel companions and guides from time to time.

2 thoughts on “Target Audience

  1. I’m up to date now – I’d got a little behind. Keep writing every day and you’ll become part of other people’s daily habit – they’ll check in to see if you’ve written anything new, and it’s always great to see that somebody’s writing regularly. Getting readers spurs you on to write more, but don’t be disheartened if you don’t get them immediately – they’ll find you and your stuff, and they’ll get sucked in and read all of it!

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    1. Thanks – there’s definitely a bit of ego involved that I hadn’t even noticed up until now! It did give me something to write about though, so every cloud and all that. Hope you’re okay this evening: I read your post earlier. x


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