When Mondays Aren’t So Monday

The first day of the working week gets a bad rap, and it’s understandable why. There’s a whole five days of working slavishly for The Man before you get the freedom of time to yourself. Four more mornings of alarms and commutes, when you’re already knackered from having to get up on time today.

This particular Monday hasn’t been too bad, as Mondays go. It kicked off well with me managing to get tickets for a gig that sold out in minutes, giving me something to look forward to. Also, on Friday I finish work for a week’s holiday so, although it’s Monday today, the week somehow seems more doable. The possibilities of next week seem nigh on infinite, with only a day of essay writing and a comedy gig (plus overnight hotel stay) written in the diary. Lots of opportunities for extra self care and kindness in all that free time. The challenge will be to get the balance right: I often overestimate how much I will/should get done and how much rest I need to recover from a frantic few weeks in work. I’m aiming for the right mixture of restfulness and set-friendly productivity.

Until then, I’ve been keeping up with my mindfulness meditation. Today I tried it when I got in from work, and I do feel like I have more energy than I usually do on a Monday evening. Whether that’s coincidence rather than causation is another matter. Very slowly I’m getting better at tuning out, with my thoughts wandering less frequently. After my smugness at having some actual feedback to give on some real practice in tomorrow’s session, I’ve remembered that I won’t actually be there for it as I’ll be elsewhere on a course. Oh well. That will teach me to worry too much about looking like I’m properly mindful, rather than trying to be mindful in an actually meaningful way. I did contemplate another mindfulness walk, but I’ve been persuaded otherwise by the rain lashing against my windows.

Instead, after doing some life stuff (washing up, that sort of exciting activity), I’m going to start making a dent in my ever increasing to-read pile. That’s my idea of how a cold, rainy evening should really be spent.

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