Breaking and Making Habits

We are all creatures of habit, to lesser or greater extents. I’ve managed to keep up a daily blogging habit for a week. I wouldn’t say that I’m in the mindfulness meditation habit yet, but I have managed two sessions two days on the trot, which is a personal record. Come Tuesday when I’m sitting in a horseshoe of chairs with my colleagues, hopefully I’ll feel less guilty, less judgemental of my inability to remember to do relax properly.

This afternoon, I went for a walk and tried to make it a mindful one. I was mindful of the roll of my foot with each step. I was mindful of my breath and its rhythm with my walking. I was mindful of the fact that it was bloody cold and I really should have remembered my hat.

As well as proving the old adage that there is no such thing as the wrong weather, only the wrong clothes, this also hints at the fact that I’m not adept at being fully focused. Thoughts creep in, like the schedule for the week ahead and what to make for dinner. Mindfulness advocates say not to judge when this happens; just notice, then refocus on your breathing. This is a real challenge for me, ignoring that little voice that says, “You’re rubbish at doing this.” Instead of self-criticising, I need to notice and do something about it. The old self-kindness again.

It’s going to take a little longer to see if mindfulness really does help to calm and relax me, but it’s an interesting challenge trying something new.

2 thoughts on “Breaking and Making Habits

  1. keep up with the challenge! I wish you success with it.I run a more scientific type of blog but you may still want to check it out for some inspiration 🙂

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