7 Days Later

This marks my seventh blog post, a week of sharing my musings with the web. Seven days ago, I took some confidence from the fact that the people who read the blog (if anyone at all) wouldn’t know me. Well, they might GET to know me through the blog, but they wouldn’t KNOW me know me. This made it a little easier to start expressing myself. After a week’s writing, however, this blog has been read by humans I know in actual real life.

Thankfully, rather than this being the car crash of embarrassment I feared, I experienced empathy and support. With the internet inhabited by trolls and bots, receiving this positivity really is very lovely, and spurs me on to continue writing.

On a personal level, maintaining the daily habit of reflection involved with blogging has helped me to process the days, especially the stressful bits. It’s also made me consciously choose to do something positive just for me every day, as an exercise in self care. I’m going to keep going.

So, sorry cyberspace. You’re stuck with me for a while longer…

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