Friday Feelings

Since Monday I’ve been looking forward to this evening, and not just because it signals the end of the working week. I’ve had a lovely night out with friends from a post grad course that I’m doing. Meditation and mindfulness are all very well, but there’s a lot to be said for just getting together with people you like and chatting the evening away, sharing silly stories over some good food. I’ve empathised, laughed and probably didn’t need to have a dessert, but there was cheesecake, so what else could I do?

It’s very easy for me waste away my Friday nights on the sofa doing not very much at all. Not reading a good book, watching a great box set or enjoying a hobby. Just lolling about, shattered from whatever the week threw at me. I’d probably be scrolling through apps on my phone, wondering if 8pm was late enough for an adult to go to bed.

This evening, I already feel like I’m having a lovely weekend, and it hasn’t really started yet. Could it be a good self care idea to schedule in an event every Friday evening? That’s certainly something for me to think about. I already have plans for the next two Friday nights, even though I’m actually off work between the two. My aim is to make it four in a row. All good Friday night activity suggestions welcome!

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