Last night I was full of good intentions to clear the clutter and start making my home a more restful, calm environment.

After half an hour I gave up and went to bed.

But! Today has been significantly more productive, mostly thanks to my lovely mum.

My mum is lush. Even though I’m forty and probably should be a lot better at adult stuff, she is still very patient with my anxieties and is my moral support and holder of chocolate buttons and apple juice whenever I have an injection or blood test. She’s also fab at keeping me on task. Left to my own devices, my mind would wander, I’d come across an article that I really HAD to read, or I’d start scrolling through social media. Before I’d know it, an hour would have passed and my recycling still wouldn’t have been shredded.

This evening though, I’ve sorted, organised and cleaned, with Mum here to nudge me along. Whilst there’s still a fair bit to be done, there’s a big dent in the job and I feel happier about my surroundings already.

So, tonight’s post is a little later than usual. Tomorrow, my self care will be enjoying an evening out, which means blogging is likely to be a late night affair. At least I’ll be coming home to a more orderly house.

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