Dealing with a Dreadful Day

Today has not been a great day. I had a full schedule, so I knew it was going to be busy. Things started off well enough, but something kicked off early on which got my adrenaline racing. Then, my break was spent dealing with another issue and I had a commitment at lunchtime. At the end of the day, a trip with some colleagues that should have been useful was disappointing for all of us. All in all, there hasn’t been much ‘me’ time today.

Tomorrow, I have time scheduled to deal with some admin, so I know that it’s going to be less pressured. In fact, I should also get my breaks to myself.

Now that I’m home, my self care plan for the evening is to free myself of some clutter. Scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day, I encountered an article making the following claim: intelligent people are messy, swear more and are awake longer. As one friend calls me part-dormouse due to my fondness for early nights, the awake thing doesn’t ring true. However, my house, personal working environment and the name of this blog can only lead me to conclude that I have amazing levels of intellect. I tend to keep stuff that I really don’t need, not file/recycle my mail promptly, have other jobs that I never get around to, those sorts of things.

It makes sense that it is easier to relax in a less chaotic space, so I am going to spend a bit of time this evening sorting and clearing. When another day like today comes along, hopefully it will then be much easier for me to come home and unwind.

2 thoughts on “Dealing with a Dreadful Day

    1. I have tried replying to your comment several times and have been thwarted by the app/site! I hope that this blog will help to leave dreadful days behind. This one already seems to be losing its power: it seems more disappointing than dreadful now.

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