A Meditation on Meditation

I’m very fortunate in that my workplace has organised a mindfulness course for a group of about 20 staff. Due to travelling for work, I missed the first session, but last Tuesday I joined some of my colleagues in some meditation, led by a fantastic instructor. If you suffer from insomnia, I recommend that you record her voice, because most of the group were so relaxed that they started dropping off.

The main meditation exercise involved a body scan. Our lovely leader hypnotically talked us through our bodies from the feet up. I loved that this forced me to push other ‘noise’ from my mind and just ‘be’.

However, some of the scan left me feeling a little squeamish. As a renowned softy, I am known to faint or have funny turns when I have injections, blood tests or any type of medical procedure. I actually go equipped with ice packs, apple juice and chocolate buttons just in case I experience the telltale feelings of overheating and a drop in blood sugar. So, when the instructor’s soothing voice told us to focus “through the muscle, down to the bone”, that was a little too anatomical for me. The brilliant thing was that when I shared this reaction after the meditation, the leader was totally understanding and I felt slightly less of a giant baby. It seems that for me, a body scan that zooms in but stays slightly out of focus is the way to go.

Included with the course, we have a Mindfulness book, compete with CD, to help us do some independent meditation in between sessions. Last week passed by in a blur, so this evening I was determined to do some homework. Unfortunately, I don’t have a CD player, so I have had to improvise with the Headspace app. I enjoyed a 10 minute meditation, which has left me feeling more relaxed and calm (although I probably shouldn’t have had that Americano before doing it). My mind did wander, mainly considering tomorrow afternoon’s mindfulness session, when I need to take loose clothing to do some mindful movement. I understand that this straying of the mind is normal, though, so will keeping working on regaining my focus when this happens.

So, day one of conscious self care is ticked off. I now need to rummage through my wardrobe for some suitable movement wear to prepare for tomorrow.

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