Why FFS Me?

Here I go, dipping my toe into the water of blogging.  Who knows?  It may lead to a paddle, or even a cross-channel swim.

“You should write a blog,” people have told me, and it’s something that I’ve thought about for a while.  However, there’s a lot to consider.  Which aspects of my life am I comfortable sharing in a blog?  Is there value in sharing the stuff that I’m UNcomfortable about other people reading?  Can I walk the line between being too superficial and being too pretentious?  Will anyone read it other than me?  Does it MATTER if anyone reads it other than me?  (Spot the overthinker.)

Then, there’s the name.

I settled on FFS Me for a few reasons:

  1.  I am forty, fat (flabby at least) and single.
  2. I swear more than I should.
  3. It reflects the frustration I often feel with myself.

With reason number 3 in mind, I decided to finally start a blog in an effort to focus myself on self care.  Hitting a milestone birthday last year did make me think about how life is going by in a blur, and that I need to start looking after myself more.  Plus, whilst January didn’t quite motivate me into new habits, as spring approaches it now feels like a good time to really start putting myself first in a meaningful way.

So, I’m firstly aiming to consciously engage in self care at least once a day.  Wish me luck!



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